Facebook and small businesses

Facebook boost your business

Last March 04 I had the opportunity to participate in a special event that Facebook held for Women in Small Businesses in the Bay Area.

It was mostly about how you can use Facebook Ads to grow your small business and I must say, I was impressed on how easy and cool the new tools are. You can see most of the things they talked about in the Facebook for Business website. I really liked all the audiences/targeting new stuff, pretty cool you upload a list of your current clients and Facebook match them with new possible clients! The best part is that we didn’t need to take notes, all the tips, how-tos, videos are available on their eLearning tool.

I loved see the success cases, all women local small businesses owners talking and sharing their experiences like before and after, or how much they had grew and how they explore new opportunities through buildings audiences with specific needs.

Inspiring and empowering.


Home office

Yep, I’m working from home. That’s cool, I was looking for something like that for some time already. It’s nice to stay home, the new place is comfy and I can get walk and gym near home, and be closer to my son.

I could work in my pajamas too! But I won’t, this is a little bit depressed… it’s funny think about pajamas, slippers and messed hair. But I don’t, definitely. 😀

So far, so good.

Ah! I’m new to this, so I’m looking for some good tips. 🙂

I’m reading some stuff:

How to create a home office

Quick Tips for Home Office Organization

Working naked


Warning! This is a #mimimi blog post.

Jeez! Some things are so difficult to live with, even for a short time.

Please, I don’t care about the size of your company, but please, you need have a scm to your developers. I don’t care if you are a manager that thinks that your team are great working together and you don’t need a scm system, you need, and yes, you are an idiot for thinking that you don’t. I almost can hear your developers yelling: “I’ll use the file b, no one put a hand on it!” with pain in theirs faces.

Your developers need a test environment to work on, they need a test database, and a scm system and code documentation, at least. They are humans, you know, and humans can screw up things easily.

You should be very worried if your developers work on production. No, you should be shame. You should be burning in hell too.