Many time away. Some things happened.

  • I had some days of vacations
  • I went visit my father
  • I survived to a dinner with my mother and father together (they are divorced since… ahmmm… many years)
  • My son is officialy tallest than me :o)
  • I read some books and bought others
  • I did back to the corticoid, my asthma is quiet again
  • I did a scarf for me (two, really, I started one and my friend Adriana is finishing it)
  • I saw Ocean’s Thirteen, Fantastic Four, Shrek the Third and Transformers
  • I met some friends in a cold night and had a nice time with them
  • I saw a beautiful and sad friend became more beautiful and very happy. :o)
  • I came back to English classes
  • I have a vm in my computer work
  • I have another desktop in home, but I need fix it. My son is anxious :o)
  • We had two weeks of summer in the winter, now is cold again
  • The Linuxchix Brazil Annual Meeting will take place in next september 07-08, in Bras√≠lia/DF. I’ll go. :o)

Yesterday I went to see Harry Potter 5. I expected more about the thestrals and the fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore. It’s nice to see Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, I like him very much. It’s a good movie, but for people that read the book it may cause a little stress. :o)

Now I want the new book, I will buy soon.


Last night I started to use bitlbee. Seem very nice to me. I’d used centericq lately, I’d tried gaim, but I couldn’t like of them.

A few days ago I was lost between too many passwords. Ok, I remember all of them, but I just need feel safe. So, talking with faw , he told me about MyPasswordSafe . I’m calm now. =o)

The group of blood donation (yes, this is the new site, pssst! ) that I’m volunteer in my city will be, very soon, using Joomla!.

I told, a few weeks ago, that really like of a speech of Steve Jobs. Here is, in video!! Thanks, faw (again)!!

It’s all !!

After some days offline, I’m back… :o)

Wednesday, Wolverine (my desktop) was left in forced vacations. I know that it is so old, but I still need it. I was sad, I really missed it. But I have wonderful friends!!! =o) Skyegg¬†offered his house and his local repository… and chocolate too… =o) faw did work hard for bring back my Wolverine and now it is as new! Thanks a lot!

Tonight I’m back to work…

Last friday was birthday of my friend Tati, and she gave to me my birthday gift too, she said that the mug needed to be mine. =o)