be merry

be merry

I want to be merry too…

After all 2014 was a great year, but I want to be merry for the right reasons.

I’m merry for my son, my partner, my family, my godson, my friends, my Configr team, my dog lovers fellows, my mentors, my doctor, my squirrels, my shelter dogs… all of you made my 2014 brighter.

Thank you!

I’m merry for a lot of other people too, their work and passion make possible a better life for all humankind and animals and their curiosity is leading us to further, to infinite and beyond, to know and understand a little bit more of our world where the sky isn’t the limit anymore. We want to know more, be better, be healthier, be wiser… to those people: thank you!

I’m merry for the people that:

  • give amputees pretty new prosthetic arms controlled by their thoughts;
  • give to dogs new printed legs to run;
  • 3D printers and their cool uses;
  • work hard to save and rehabilitate animals in need;
  • fight against ignorance, like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, John Stewart, American Atheists, Carl Sagan, etc.;
  • works at Nasa, you rock!
  • fight for equality, freedom and civil rights, from the things of everyday life to the big causes;
  • respect others, no matter color, gender or sexual orientation;
  • do good for goodness’s sake not waiting for a reward or for fearing a raging imaginary friend.

“I know I was born and I know that I’ll die… The in between is mine. I Am Mine” ― Eddie Vedder

Be merry!

coming out

I want to know

mom, dad, family and friends

I know that this could be hard for you, after all those years, discover something about me this way. I know that some of you’ll think “I knew it!” and other will be surprised, even saying “What I did wrong???”, but I can’t ignore this urge to tell the truth, to finally accept and be accepted by who I truly am.

I’m just tired to lie to you, to go on this façade that is consuming for me. You did nothing wrong, you tried your best, I tried to, for so long, tried to fit, to understand, to find myself but each time that I tried it just got worse and I had more doubts instead of answers. I feel free this way, I can now understand that accepting the true can really set you free.

Of course that this was/is not easy for me too, far from it. I still need to clean myself from years trying to fit, trying to find reason where there was none. I still have so much to learn, to change, to let this guilt without reason go away, to let behind this weight of hundreds of years of shaming and fear.

*Yes, I am an atheist and I’m proud of that. *

I know that this is not for everybody and most of people, sadly, still don’t accept, respect or understand. I’m happy that I can finally find peace when I look to the world with my new eyes. I can finally understand that some things aren’t important anymore, that power, money, greed, jealous, hate, prejudice, ignorance, darkness, these things mean nothing in face of the new values as love, respect, ephemeralness, freedom and equality.

I don’t hate gods, I just don’t believe they exist. Maybe I change my mind when I saw any evidence, but now, I can’t.

I don’t care if you have a religion or not, if you believe in one or many gods or in the flying spaghetti monster, I don’t care, really. For me, since you’re a good person, you respect me and respect the others, fine, perfect, but please, don’t try convert me, don’t shame me, don’t try inflict your beliefs on other people, and most important, never, ever, try to run over the civil rights of those who do not think like you. Never.

It’s very simple, should not be this difficult to live in peace.

p.s.: I feel good outside of the closet. 😉