Home office

Yep, I’m working from home. That’s cool, I was looking for something like that for some time already. It’s nice to stay home, the new place is comfy and I can get walk and gym near home, and be closer to my son.

I could work in my pajamas too! But I won’t, this is a little bit depressed… it’s funny think about pajamas, slippers and messed hair. But I don’t, definitely. 😀

So far, so good.

Ah! I’m new to this, so I’m looking for some good tips. 🙂

I’m reading some stuff:

How to create a home office

Quick Tips for Home Office Organization

Working naked


Warning! This is a #mimimi blog post.

Jeez! Some things are so difficult to live with, even for a short time.

Please, I don’t care about the size of your company, but please, you need have a scm to your developers. I don’t care if you are a manager that thinks that your team are great working together and you don’t need a scm system, you need, and yes, you are an idiot for thinking that you don’t. I almost can hear your developers yelling: “I’ll use the file b, no one put a hand on it!” with pain in theirs faces.

Your developers need a test environment to work on, they need a test database, and a scm system and code documentation, at least. They are humans, you know, and humans can screw up things easily.

You should be very worried if your developers work on production. No, you should be shame. You should be burning in hell too.

I, me, myself

I’m Ana Carolina, but I prefer when people calls me Carol, I don’t use the Ana, has a lot of Ana in my family, I’m aquarius, I was born in 77, I have a blog but I’m too lazy to keep it up to date, I’ve fun with twitter and now I’m in facebook too, I’m a single mother (I was 17 when my son was born), my family is kind of crazy, really, I have asthma, I did a few walks and a maximum of a little hill, like of the scent of woods, but I need to go with gallons of insect repellant, I love the sea, not to be as escalope in the sand, I like to be in the water, the scent of the sea, to stay inside it with only my eyes out, walk on the beach at dusk, I miss the Ilha do Mel, maybe I can back there this year, a moon night in fortress, I have several extra pounds, I work at Pastoral da Criança, with PHP, PostgreSQL, use Debian, I donate blood regularly, do not give alms, yet haven’t found myself in the world, love to travel, I travel some, but if I could travel every 2 months, this could make me happier, I do not like feel cold, I was born in Curitiba by some mistake of the stork, I love sun, I love coffee too, hot, cold, black, milk, cake, candy, I have a few girlfriends, but a good number of friends, love dogs, but my apartment is too small for 3 residents, I like big dogs, I had a beautiful and cute pit bull, I procrastinate, it’s inevitable, I’m a little demanding about music, I do not buy CD/DVD pirate, or software, my son owe me a XP license for the rest of his life, I like reading, I’m a fan of Harry Potter, I just finished the Twilight saga this week, I love the manual hedonistic, I read Jane Austen, I like cinema, sometimes I prefer to go watch some movies all by my self, I love chocolate, really, I collect penguins, I have maybe 80 now, I go out with my grandmother often, I have my bear days when I don’t want to see/talk anyone, I prefer coca-cola light, I almost do not drink, but I love a good wine, I enjoy cooking once in awhile, I hate sexism, I drive well and I love to do it, I’m a very anxious creature, I’m totally embarrassed when I don’t know someone, I’m not write often, but sometimes I do some text like this, as if I couldn’t do a beginning, middle or end.

Conference Linuxchix Brazil

It’s over! 🙂

The conference happened in last weekend, in BrasĂ­lia/DF, with attendance about two hundred people, 6 courses, and 26 talks in two days of conference. We had a nice time together, was very good to meet friends and to know others. I want to say “thank you” to all attendees, speakers, to our sponsors, friends that worked in local team and local staff. A special thanks to others Chix that worked hard, before and during the conference (and still working ) and to our local coordinator, Pri, that did a amazing work.

Now is time to catch our ToDo list and start new tasks. We’ll wait for you in next year, in Curitiba/PR.

See you!

I read…

I finished the book… It is a little strange, a mix of sadness, fear, relief, hope… Many answered questions. I liked, really, was impressive.

Now, back to the life… I need some rest… uahh.


Many time away. Some things happened.

  • I had some days of vacations
  • I went visit my father
  • I survived to a dinner with my mother and father together (they are divorced since… ahmmm… many years)
  • My son is officialy tallest than me :o)
  • I read some books and bought others
  • I did back to the corticoid, my asthma is quiet again
  • I did a scarf for me (two, really, I started one and my friend Adriana is finishing it)
  • I saw Ocean’s Thirteen, Fantastic Four, Shrek the Third and Transformers
  • I met some friends in a cold night and had a nice time with them
  • I saw a beautiful and sad friend became more beautiful and very happy. :o)
  • I came back to English classes
  • I have a vm in my computer work
  • I have another desktop in home, but I need fix it. My son is anxious :o)
  • We had two weeks of summer in the winter, now is cold again
  • The Linuxchix Brazil Annual Meeting will take place in next september 07-08, in BrasĂ­lia/DF. I’ll go. :o)

Yesterday I went to see Harry Potter 5. I expected more about the thestrals and the fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore. It’s nice to see Gary Oldman as Sirius Black, I like him very much. It’s a good movie, but for people that read the book it may cause a little stress. :o)

Now I want the new book, I will buy soon.

V Encontro Nacional Linuxchix Brasil – Faroeste Caboclo

Mais um ano, mais um evento! Vamos nos reunir este ano no céu azul de nuvens doidas da capital do nosso país.

O Encontro Nacional Linuxchix Brasil serĂĄ nos dias 7 e 8 de setembro, em BrasĂ­lia/DF, nas dependĂȘncias da Faculdade IESBE. EstĂŁo sendo programadas as tradicionais palestras, mini cursos e vĂĄrias outras novidades.

Faculdade IESB Campus Edson Machado Setor de Grandes Áreas Sul 613/614 lote 97/98. Asa Sul CEP: 70.200-730 Fone: 61 – 3445-4500 E-mail:

Chamada de Trabalhos estĂĄ Aberta !! Para participar acesse aqui.


The winter arrived… jaquet, gloves, blouses… I’ll not complain. I really prefer the summer, with hot days, nice wind and wonderful nights covered with stars. Today is a very beautiful day, sunny, blue sky… I still want to be a bear in the winter and sleep for all season, but I can’t… so, I’ll enjoy the winter this time… and smiling. =o)

I’ll join in the comunnity “I love Google”.. =o) I already use gmail, reader, translator, calendar, documents, news, etc., and like very much. Today I fought with a webmail that sucks… I use iceweasel and nothing was working… and no, NO, I don’t use IE, if the website don’t works for my web browser, don’t serve for me… hehehe… but I didn’t want put that account in my mail client… hummm… gmail can to do it for me… hummm… and did! Now, my mail for blood stuff works in my gmail.

I need to find a gift for my mother, she’ll move to new house in next Saturday, I need something like “home, sweet home”.

It’s cold. Very cold. I’m tired. I’ll go home.