I needed to write a short bio about myself. I wrote this. Can’t use this, but I liked anyway. It’s good update from the original.


My name is Ana Carolina, but I prefer just Caroll. I was born in 77. I’m a feminist. I’m a single mother (I was 17 when my son was born). I have asthma. I’m an Atheist. I love the sea, but I’m learning to love the mountains too. I love tattoos, I have nine, but a lot more to go. I was born in Curitiba, irony, I don’t like to feel cold. I love coffee and chocolate. I love dogs. I volunteer in an animal shelter. I procrastinate. I read a lot. I’m still a big Harry Potter fan. I love cinema. I like kettlecorn. I collect penguins. I miss my grandma a lot. I love wine and beer. I enjoy cooking once in awhile. I love to drive. I’m an introvert and a high empath, somedays are harder than others. I prefer fiction. I have blue hair, but it was purple before. I’m a PMJ fan. I love bacon. I miss my friends. I hate makeup. My patronus is a white mare. I like comfy clothes. I hate writing about myself.

WordCamp US 2016


I’m super excited to be attending my first WordCamp US in a couple of weeks. Besides all the cool stuff to watch and people to meet, they accepted me as a volunteer! So I’ll be working and helping the organization for a few hours everyday. I bought my tickets about 3 months ago and will have time to be participate in all the volunteer training and sessions. Yay!

The good part is that the conference will be live streaming! So if you can’t make to Philly, watch it on the web, from your couch. 🙂

I hope there are many Wapuus in there!

I’ll send updates and take pictures, and of course, try some Philly food! \o/