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A toast with beer, ice cream and empadão.

Cheers, Grandma!

Today was a special day. It’d be my grandma’s 93th birthday. She passed away last November. I was thinking about…
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my birthday card

Hello forty!

Wow! I’m 40 years old! Nothing that changes life, but it’s normal thinking a lot about past, future, memories and…
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Sneak peak at my projects

Rebutia fulviseta with flowers

Rebutia Fulviseta

or my cutest cactus It was so tiny when I brought it home. Okay, I bought it because it looked like a cock, but a really cute one! Rebutia is a genus in the family Cactaceae, native to Bolivia and Argentina. They are generally small, colorful cacti, globular in form, which freely produce flowers that are relatively large in relation to the […]

peanut cactus in a purple pot

Echinopsis chamaecereus or Peanut Cactus

Echinopsis chamaecereus is a species of cactus from Argentina. Synonyms include Chamaecereus silvestrii and Lobivia silvestrii. It has been called the “peanut cactus”. Source: Wikipedia.

Opuntia Microdasys, or Bunny Ears Cacti portrait

Opuntia Microdasys, or Bunny Ears Cactus

Opuntia microdasys (angel’s-wings, bunny ears cactus, bunny cactus or polka-dot cactus) is a species of flowering plant in the cactus family Cactaceae, native and endemicto central and northern Mexico. Source: Wikipedia.

My Ferocactus-latispinus posing for a picture

Ferocactus latispinus

Ferocactus latispinus is a species of barrel cactus native to Mexico. Originally described as Cactus latispinus in 1824 by English naturalist Adrian Hardy Haworth, it gained its current name in 1922 with the erection of the genus Ferocactus by American botanists Britton and Rose.[1] The species name is derived from the Latin latus “broad”, and […]

My greenhouse

Last year I was worried with my succulents. Fall was here and getting cold and wet, soon they’d need shelter. The small plastic greenhouse I’d bought the year before was a little bit too small for all my babies. 😀 Doing some research in the Internet, soon was clear that a really nice greenhouse was […]

Cotyledon tomentosa, or Bear’s Paw

Cotyledon tomentosa (Bear’s Paw) is a species of the Cotyledongenus. Cotyledon tomentosa, native to Africa, has large chunky ovate fuzzy green leaves with prominent “teeth” at tips that give the impression of bear’s paws. It forms large orange bell-shaped flowers in spring. In habitat in Africa, Cotyledons usually grow in rocky quartz fields where they have […]